Shock & Vibration Isolator

Cable Isolators/Vibration Mounts

We offer a large selection of cable isolators. These assemblies are made of aircraft-quality stranded, stainless steel cable, helically wound into metal retaining bars suitable for surface mounting. Shock and vibration are damped as the result of friction between strands of cable under load. Their superior characteristics include their ability to provide protection in compression, extension, shear and roll in all axes simultaneously. All stainless steel and aluminum construction gives these units an excellent ability to resist corrosion and leads to extremely long maintenance-free life.

Typical Cable Mount Applications

There is virtually no limit to the number of shock & vibration applications that can be solving using cable isolator. Listed below are some of the more common ones.

  • Aerospace
  • Aviation equipment
  • Shipboard electronics & equipment
  • Electronics rack (Single or multi-bay)
  • Equipment is tanks & tracked vehicles
  • Communication shelters
  • On and off road transportation vehicles
  • Railway equipment
  • Application involving extremes in temperature
  • Application involving corrosive environments

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