Rugged Connectors

High Speed Data, EMI/RFI Shielding Circular Connectors.

About the Product

We offer wide range of different series class A MIL-spec connectors that meet the demanding performance requirements of MIL-Standards. These circular connectors have proven electrical capability for equipment applications where durability is important. The plugs have threaded/bayonet couplings and single key/keyway shell polarization for an accurate and reliable connection. The solid shells of these circular are made from high grade Aluminum alloy. The shells are electrically zinc plated with an olive drab chromate finish which ensures a high resistance to corrosion. The inserts of these military circular connectors are made from resilient synthetic rubber which offers a high dielectric strength and resistance to vibration.

Our Product Line

We offer wide range of circular connector and accessories to our costumers:

  • M/X-Line Multi-pin connector
  • EN2997 integrated back-shell
  • MIL-DTL 26482 series I solder
  • MIL-DTL 38999 III composite
  • EN3645

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