EMI/EMC Shielding

Shielding Products for Electromagnetic Interference

EMI/EMC Shielding Services

From these new premises we can serve our customers even better with high-quality, low-cost shielding solutions. Our shielding systems manufactures a wide range of EMI/RFI shielding products like EMI gaskets, finger strips, conductive tapes, and air-Vent honeycomb filters.

We also design and install complete faraday cages, for hospitals as well as military bunkers and tempest shielding rooms. Because our product range is very diverse, we can solve virtually every shielding problem you may be faced with. We specialize in short delivery times, economical solutions and the ability to design and manufacture custom-made products.

Our Product Line

We offer wide range of EMI shielding products to our costumers:

  • Conductive foam gasket
  • Stick on finger gasket
  • High performance power line filter
  • Carbon-based foam microwave absorbers
  • RF window
  • RF door MRI door
  • Honeycomb vent
  • Waveguide tube
  • Copper foil copper tape
  • Shielding wire mesh
  • Knitted wire mesh
  • Copper wool
  • RF foam absorber
  • Conductive fabric

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