UAV Ground Control Station

UAG Ground Control Station

We build custom-made high quality ground control station (GCS), land or sea based control center that provides the facilities for human control of unmanned aerial vehicles, visual reception and real-time image recording during the flight of UAVs or drones.

The hardware refers to the complete set of ground-based hardware systems used to control the UAV. This typically includes the human-machine interface, computer, telemetry, video capture card and aerials for the control, video and data links to the UAV.

Our GCS design has the military UAVs feature what resembles a “virtual cockpit”. The pilot or sensor operator sits in front of a number of screens showing the view from the UAV, a map screen and aircraft instrumentation. Control is through a conventional aircraft-style joystick and throttle, possibly with hands on throttle and stick (HOTAS) functionality. The shelter is divided into two parts, including antenna cabin and operation cabin.

Standard Features



  • Length 20’
  • Width 8’
  • Height 8’

CPU/IT Hardware: as per user requirements.

Data Link/Antenna: As per user requirements.

Air-condition: As per customer requirement.

RFI Shielding: (Optional)

Operator Positions: As per customer requirement.

Number of screens/Operator: 2 ~ 3

Colour: PU/Epoxy (Federal Standard 595B Colour)

Power/Data I.O Panels: One each

Weight: 6500 to 7500 kg


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