High Quality / Cost Effective

The Quality Policy:
“We are committed to provide high quality, cost effective, rapid solutions and services that enhance customer confidence through continual improvement of our process and Quality Management System by involvement of all our personnel.”

To ensure the three factors of customer delight, hassle free, defect free and on-time delivery the quality objectives for Axpert Vision have been identified as follows:

  • Reduce Cost by doing Value Analysis & Value Engineering (VAVE)
  • Best available raw material selection.
  • Improve Project Planning through modern techniques
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Improve Employee Satisfaction

Axpert Vision Systems Approach

  • Step by step quality control and assurance.
  • Review every deliverable before continuing on to the next step of development.
  • Track Quality Metrics and then do something with the measurements.

Axpert Vision employs a four-phase development process to provide a framework for success: Define, Design, Develop and Deliver. Each phase can be adapted to the unique needs and requirements of an individual project. Each phase also builds upon the deliverables of the previous phase. Our methodology represents a consistent and reliable approach to minimize any associated risks and to effectively deliver the project to meet your business objectives.

  • Designing user interfaces that are intuitive, adhere to standards of usability and achieve optimum utility.
  • Developing solid enterprise architecture.
  • Implementing the architecture with standard protocols, specifications, languages, tools, and best-of-breed products.
  • Connecting effectively with existing systems to leverage investments Organization have already made.
  • Designing and building reusable functionality.